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You spent a lifetime building your assets, don't let probate or taxes eat up your estate. Deane & Panagopoulos Law PLLC will customize a plan to protect your estate and avoid family arguments. We strive to make it easier for your heirs to follow your wishes.

Estate planning is for people of all ages. It includes documents such as:

  • Durable Power of Attorneys
  • Health Care Powers of Attorney
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • WillsTrusts
  • Deeds (Warranty, Quit Claim, Transfer on Death Deeds, etc.)
  • Health Care Directives/Living Wills for end-of-life medical directions for medical professionals
  • Beneficiary Designations

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Deane & Panagopoulos Law, PLLC is committed to answering your questions about Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, Probate, Bankruptcy, and Medical Malpractice Law issues in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma.

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